[News] f(x)’s Amber, “I’m not a boy.”

On the 14th f(x) has attended the TV program for M!NET in the section called “M!Net Wide Open Studio” after a one long year of hiatus they’ve finally made a comeback with the mini-album “Electric Shock.”

f(x) had enjoyed their time in the studio after a long time and had also been revealing behind the scenes information.

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[News] SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber take an adorable picture together

On April 30th, a showcase for SMTOWN’s upcoming movie I AM was held and most of the SMTOWN artists gathered together for a fun little reunion. The official for the movie has been slowly releasing pictures of the SMTOWN artists together and now, we get to see SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber together for a picture.

The two are good friends and it’s quite adorable to see the two together. They have their arms draped over one another’s shoulders and Key blows his face up like a blowfish, with Amber putting her finger next to his cheek as to deflate it.

Source & Image: Ningin
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[News] f(x) Amber Shares Baby Photos of Herself and Krystal

On May 2, f(x)’s Amber shared her baby photo to her fans via her me2day. She uploaded an adorable photo of herself and wrote:

“Amber Josephine Liu’s 3rd birthday party.”

In the photo, Amber wore a flowery skirt with a birthday cone hat and held a party horn in one hand. Meanwhile, Amber surprised fans by uploading a baby photo of fellow member Krystal (aka Jung Soo Jung) just yesterday.

Netizens commented, “How cute,” “Amber is in a skirt!” “First Krystal, now Amber. Can we expect her to upload Sulli and Luna‘s baby photos too?” “Awww she’s such a cutie pie,” and more.

Baby Krystal is on the left, and baby Amber is on the right.

Source & Image: Soompi
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[Pictures] SM Entertainment Unveiled the Posters for f(x)

Following the release of SHINee’s individual posters for “I AM ” yesterday, SM Entertainment unveiled the posters for each of the f(x) members on April 10. As with SHINee, all f(x) members shared a quote and a word that best describes their rise to stardom.

Victoria :

“I can’t help that I am very ambitious.”

Amber :

“I just want to dance 24 hours straight.”

Krystal :

“I like the way I am.”

Luna :

“It was only training, to the point where I felt awkward not to have my body ache.”

Sulli :

“It felt like there was nothing I knew how to do.”

“I AM” will continue to release individual posters of all SME artists in the coming weeks. The movie is a documentary film based on the behind-the-scene and concert footage of “SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,” and will be released in May.

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