[News] Micky Yoochun vs Kim Soo Hyun – Whose Body is Better?

The body of the actors always become a rather controversial topic.

Recently Kaya Scodelario who come to South Korea to shoot CF together with Kim Soo Hyun, published on her Twitter account a photo of Kim Soo Hyun.

In the photos, Kim Soo Hyun took off his jacking, and wore sleeveless shirt. His body looks more solid than his appearance, and the right-angle shaped arms is attracting attention. His such a look gained even more love from fans.

And Park Yoochun who is known as “ancestor of right-angle shoulders” also received attention recently.

On April 30th, 2012, Park Yoochun who is starring in SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama “Rooftop Prince” uploaded a photo on his . He who was wearing pink long-sleeved shirt looked at the camera with a smile.

The slightly fitted pink shirt protruded his solid body. The solid strong arms coupled with extra-wide shoulders, living up to his reputation as “ancestor of right-angle shoulders.”

Kim Soo Hyun and Park Yoochun not only have the advantage of right-angle shoulders, but they also showed their talents in the Wednesday and Thursday drama series, they both played the role of prince. And the two persons also have very charming smile, and the popularity is increasing continuously.

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[Interview] Kim Soo Hyun: “If I Get a Girlfriend I’d Like to Give Myself As a Present”

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” star Kim Soo Hyun revealed the type of present he would like to give his future girlfriend. As indicated by the title, the answer was definitely a head turner!

He appeared on an interview for tvN’s “ E News ” and spoke about wrapping up “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” and also his thoughts on dating. The interview will broadcast on March 15.

He compared himself and his character “Lee Hwon” saying “If I was really Lee Hwon, I would not have allowed ‘Yeon Woo’ ( Han Ga In’s character) getting pushed as the wife of the crowned prince. However, I would like to have a pure love just like Lee Won.”

Then Kim Soo Hyun was asked, “What would you like to give to your girlfriend if you had one?”

Kim Soo Hyun answered, “I would give myself.”

When asked about his chemistry with Han Ga In he replied, “I want to act with her in another drama. That is how good our chemistry was.”

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[Single] Kim Soo Hyun – The Moon Embracing The Sun OST Part 6

김수현 – 해를 품은 달 OST Part 6
Release Date: 2012.03.13
Genre: OST
Language: Korean
Bit Rate: 320kbps

Track List:
01. 그대 한 사람
02. 그대 한 사람 (Inst.)

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File: Kim Soo Hyun – The Moon Embracing The
Sun OST Part 6 [www.k2nblog.com].rar
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[News] Kim Soo Hyun’s Scary List of Demands to Future Girlfriend?

Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from four years ago with a list of requirements to his potential girlfriend has been drawing renewed interest online. Recently, a screenshot of Kim Soo Hyun’s diary from his personal home page was posted on an online community board. Written back in 2008, the diary entry playfully describes the demands he would like to make to his future girlfriend.

He wrote:
“You have to feel sad because of me. You have to feel like dying, and also regret at some point. Whoever you see, you only have to think about me. And more than anything, you should never suspect me. You can never interfere with me because it’s annoying. I’m also pretty good at cursing. But you always have to be next to me when I need you, because I’m lacking love. You have to be quick-witted because I’m pretty hot-tempered. If you ever try to teach me, then you’ll die. Ah…buy me some medicine. I have a lot of minor ailments. I have an irregular pulse. I need surgery.”

“So, try to love me now. If you don’t think you can, cold-heartedly throw me away. Then I can at least cry in sorrow,” the star actor wrote in a rather playful voice.

Netizens who saw the entry wrote, “So, have you met a girl like that?” “I’ll fulfill all of that, let’s just date now,” and “You are just too lovely, Kim Soo Hyun.”

If you were to date him, do you think you can put up with all of his demands?

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[News] Kim SooHyun cross dressing as Suzy?

Kim Soohyun’s recent blog picture resembles miss A’s Suzy which attracted a lot of attention.

In mid February, Kim Soohyun posted up womanized photo of himself on his mini blog. This photo traveled through various community board. The photo of Kim Soohyun dressed as a woman is compared with his role as Lee Hwon in KBS’ “The Moon that embraces the Sum”that is full of charm, and this immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

In the photo, Kim Soohyun wore a long black wig. The fair skin and innocent look almost let people mistaken him as a girl. The appearance that is resembling miss A’s Suzy, who was co-starring with him in Dream High, this also attracted a lot of attention.

Although he did not introduce himself in the blog, netizens assumed it was him. And then they commented “Looks a lot like miss A’s Suzy,” “When is king very handsome, when in woman’s clothing very innocent.”

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