[Pictures] SM Entertainment Unveiled the Posters for f(x)

Following the release of SHINee’s individual posters for “I AM ” yesterday, SM Entertainment unveiled the posters for each of the f(x) members on April 10. As with SHINee, all f(x) members shared a quote and a word that best describes their rise to stardom.

Victoria :

“I can’t help that I am very ambitious.”

Amber :

“I just want to dance 24 hours straight.”

Krystal :

“I like the way I am.”

Luna :

“It was only training, to the point where I felt awkward not to have my body ache.”

Sulli :

“It felt like there was nothing I knew how to do.”

“I AM” will continue to release individual posters of all SME artists in the coming weeks. The movie is a documentary film based on the behind-the-scene and concert footage of “SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,” and will be released in May.

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[News] Which female idol is the cutest on their elementary days?

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Pre-debut photo’s of famous idol singers are quite popular, however netizens compiled a couple of pictures of some female idols on an online community site and asked who is the cutest among the female idols when they were still elementary students.

The candidates were f(x) Krystal and Sulli, IU,SNSD’s Seohyun, KARA’s Kang Ji Young and Wonder Girl’s Sohee. Back in their elementary days, you can see the younger versions of the female idol’s and the charms they showed at a very young age.

Netizens commented, “Krystal looks mature even when she was so young”, “Sulli looks the cutest when she was in elementary, now she’s more mature”, “Seohyun is really a princess”, “IU looks better now.”

Source + Image: Nate News
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