[News] EXO to Release Prologue Single “What Is Love” on January 30th

SM Entertainment’s new boy group EXO-K and EXO-M will release their prologue single “ What Is Love ” on January 30. Both a Korean and Chinese version of the song will be released digitally on iTunes, Melon, Doshirak, Soribada, and Naver Music. It will also be released through Chinese music websites such as Baidu.

SM Entertainment has continued to tease K-Pop fans with image teasers and video teasers. More teaser clips are supposed to be released today on January 27 as well.

Currently the members Kai , Lu Han, Tao, Se Hun, Lay , Chen, and Xiu Min have been revealed. However, the time of their debut and also the makeup of the groups are still under wraps.

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[News] SM Artists made a 500,000 view record for W Live Photoshoot

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SM artists participated on W Live Photoshoot and the behind the scenes videos that were uploaded on Youtube gained approximately 500,000 views.

On the 19th of Janury, SM artists including f(x)’s Sulli and Krystal, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin and even the highly anticipated new group from SM Entertainment, EXO participated on this photoshoot.

The videos received much attention and reason why it hit 500,000 views.

EXO members such as Kai, Luhan and Sehun are first timers for a photoshoot like this. They received praises for their awesome poses. However, SHINee’s Taemin was kind enough to give Kai some tips during photoshoot and seems that his tips helped Kai a lot.

The second broadcast will be on the 21st of this month featuring SNSD and EXO.

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[News] SM Entertainment to have their own booth at the ’2012 MIDEM’ in France

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SM Entertainment, the label that’s home to major K-pop artists such as TVXQ , Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and more will have their own SM Entertainment booth at ‘ MIDEM 2012‘ in Cannes, France.

The Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM) is the largest music industry trade fair in the world, and has been taking place every year in France since 1967. The event brings together musicians, business people, and others from all over the world to “showcase new artists, musical trends and music-related products.”

This year, the ‘MIDEM 2012 ‘ will be taking place in Cannes, France from January 28th to the 31st, and SM Entertainment will be holding their own booth to meet with internationally-acclaimed musicians.

SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM for the past 15 years studying the international music market, securing the copyrights of famous artists’ songs at the MIDEM, but this is the first time that SM Entertainment will be opening their own independent booth. In the past, they acquired music samples from Europe and the US, or joined with another corporation to open a joint-booth, slowly expanding their name and presence.

Seeing that a Korean entertainment company is able to confidently set up a corner at the largest music industry trade fair in the world proves just how much K-POP has impacted the world. SM Entertainment is more determined than ever, and they’re prepared to make a break through in the international music market.

MIDEM representatives remarked, “SM Entertainment has been attending the MIDEM even before the MIDEM name carried any weight. Their efforts have paid off, as they’re now able to come independently and open their own booth.”

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[News] Go Ara reveals that five SM Entertainment stars hit on her

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On January 10th, actress Go Ara guested on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’ and revealed that five SM Entertainment labelmates had hit on her.

She was asked, “Were you ever hit on by a celebrity under the same agency as you?” Go Ara honestly replied, “Yes, I have been hit on.”When asked how many, she honestly replied that five had hit on her.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk explained, “When Ara-ssi first joined the company, I saw her amongst at least 200 other trainees. At the time, I told two people that they were going to hit it big, and Go Ara was one of them.”

When asked who the other was, Leeteuk replied that it was Girls’ Generation’s YoonA .

Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver
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[Profile] SM Entertainment introduces EXO’s fifth member, Se Hun

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Having revealed several members of EXO through visual teasers and a performance at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun , SM Entertainment will be officially introducing SE HUN today through a new video teaser!

According to a recent report, Se Hun is 17 years old and stands at 181 cm. Equipped with powerful dance moves, Se Hun will show off his expertise through a two-man performance with fellow member Kai in a teaser clip to be released later today.

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Though the group has yet to debut, fans both in Korea and overseas are already heralding the birth of a new global Hallyu star.

SM is expected to reveal further details of EXO-K and EXO-M through new photos and press releases this week. Stay tuned as allkpop awaits further news on this impending debut!

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