[Picture] Amber on the set of Invicible Youth season 2

f(x)’s Amber’s picture on the set of Invincible Youth 2 was uploaded on the internet.

Amber’s picture during the filming of Invincible Youth 2 is circulating on the internet.

In the picture, Amber is seen holding a chopsticks, seems she is eating when the picture was taken. Amber smiles slightly while posing with V sign.

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[Picture] f(x)’s Amber poses with her older sister!

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An online community board shared two pictures of the siblings posing inside a clothing store. The post read, “Which one is Amber and which one her unni? I thought it was two Ambers at first, with one wearing a long wig! They’re not even twins, so how can they look so alike? The power of genes!”

Netizens commented back, “Her sister is just as pretty,” “They look so alike, are you sure they aren’t twins?” and “I hope she makes her debut too like Jessica and Krystal .”

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Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate
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