[News] f(x)’s Amber, “I’m not a boy.”

On the 14th f(x) has attended the TV program for M!NET in the section called “M!Net Wide Open Studio” after a one long year of hiatus they’ve finally made a comeback with the mini-album “Electric Shock.”

f(x) had enjoyed their time in the studio after a long time and had also been revealing behind the scenes information.

Amber has revealedI’ve always been called ‘Amber the boy‘” and added “although I act and look like one, I’m not a boy.” The MC had also added “Now you all know the truth.”

Luna had also added “There’s an internet game called “Luna” which is exactly like my name, so when you search my name it comes up with the game” She spoke while laughing. Victoria also shared an interesting story, she had said “I also have something like this” and added “When people search ‘Victoria’ the search result with come out with ‘Pregnant Victoria’ but that is Victoria Beckham that’s pregnant and isn’t me. So when people meet me they are all ‘Victoria is pregnant?” Causing the studio to burst out in laughter. Meanwhile, f(x) is promoting their new mini-album, “Electric Shock” on future music shows! Don’t forget to vote and help them up the rankings!

source: mydaily || translations: superstarx @ iheartfx.com

cr: Daily KPop News || sr: Purple of Sona

Please take out with full credit ^^

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