[Pictures] SM Entertainment Unveiled the Posters for f(x)

Following the release of SHINee’s individual posters for “I AM ” yesterday, SM Entertainment unveiled the posters for each of the f(x) members on April 10. As with SHINee, all f(x) members shared a quote and a word that best describes their rise to stardom.

Victoria :

“I can’t help that I am very ambitious.”

Amber :

“I just want to dance 24 hours straight.”

Krystal :

“I like the way I am.”

Luna :

“It was only training, to the point where I felt awkward not to have my body ache.”

Sulli :

“It felt like there was nothing I knew how to do.”

“I AM” will continue to release individual posters of all SME artists in the coming weeks. The movie is a documentary film based on the behind-the-scene and concert footage of “SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,” and will be released in May.

Shared by: Purple of Sona