[News] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shares a hilarious dinner episode with TVXQ’s Changmin at ‘I AM’ Showcase

It’s no secret that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and TVXQ ’s Changmin are really close friends, earning the titles of ‘evil maknaes’, ‘genius maknaes’, etc., and their friendship was seen once more during the showcase for movie I AM.

Kyuhyun shared an amusing dinner episode that he had with Changmin. The two of them decided to go eat at this famous barbecue meat restaurant and Changmin told Kyuhyun he would pay, so the two ordered whatever they wanted. But it turns out that Changmin had forgotten his wallet, so Kyuhyun offered to pay…

Heh, you kept ordering food, Changmin? Evil maknae you truly are!

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[Picture] TVXQ’s character posters for ‘I AM’ revealed

TVXQ has released their own character poster for SM Entertainment’s upcoming film, ‘I AM‘.

Yunho :

“Aren’t we the representatives of Korea?”

Changmin :

“I never dreamed that I would become a star.”

The movie will contain footage from behind the scenes of SMTOWN concerts as well as the the process of preparation and daily lives of the SM Entertainment artists. The movie will hit theaters in May.

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[News] Brian Joo snaps a photo with SM Entertainment artists and Lee Soo Man

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Singer Brian Joo shared a photo with SM Entertainment Chairman & Founder Lee Soo Man along with some of the SM Entertainment artists.

The singer recently shared the above photo via his official Twitter page and wrote, “With my old label Pres. & mates… Mr. Soo Man Lee, BoA Kwon , , Changmin (Max), , and ME.”

The photo looked to be taken at a restaurant, and Brian posed with Lee Soo Man, along with BoA , Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon , TVXQ ‘s Changmin, and TRAX ‘s Jungmo. BoA lovingly posed with her arms around her mentor Lee Soo Man, while Siwon took center stage with his good looks. Jungmo and Changmin posed playfully for the camera and Brian gave the camera a big smile. They looked like a close family all dressed in black, and Changmin wore a burgundy scarf that matched Brian’s hat. Lee Soo Man is rarely seen spending leisure time with his disciples, and it seems as though Brian wanted to capture the moment with a photo.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, “everyone’s looking good”, “Changminnie is so cute~ and Lee Soo Man sonsaengnim with Boa really looks like father and Daughter~ ^^”, “Good to see you all! Brian, how come you look like you’re practically the youngest there?”, “Looks good oppa~ must remind you of the yester years”, and more.

In related news, Brian Joo debuted under SM Entertainment with singer Hwanhee as ‘Fly To The Sky ‘ in 1999, but disbanded and left SM Entertainment altogether after there was some discord between the two members. The two eventually worked out their differences, and Brian is currently under JellyFish Entertainment as a soloist.

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[Picture] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Siwon, SHINee’s Minho, and TVXQ’s Changmin take a picture together

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On January 4, Super Junior’s Siwon uploaded a picture of himself and SHINee’s Minho in a friendly pose on his Twitter account with the comment, “Kyuhyun and Changmin at the next table! Are you guys looking at us now?”

At this, Kyuhyun uploaded a picture with the comment, “New year, new feeling. Enjoy your day! Cheers! Are you looking at me, Choi S. W (Siwon)?” as a response to Siwon.

Siwon replied, “Yes. Right in front of you,” and Kyuhyun uploaded another picture with the comment, “Oh, I see. You are talking about this one.”

In the picture, Kyuhyun is in a friendly pose with Minho, Siwon, and TVXQ’s Changmin.

Netizen responded: “SM Entertainment’s handsome guys are all here!” “They are so cute!” “Siwon, are you now a part of Kyu family?” “I can have fun with them, too!”

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[News] TVXQ’s Changmin baby photo draw smiles from netizens!

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TVXQ member Changmin‘s baby photo is causing quite the stir amongst netizens online.

The above photo surfaced on an online community site on January 3rd, and in the photo, Changmin is ‘driving’ his toy car.

He smiled happily for the camera, and fans were surprised that he hasn’t changed a bit.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “Cute~ looks exactly the way he did when he was younger“, ”He has the same face~“, and more.

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