[News] JYJ Junsu Talks about the Unfairness of Music Charts

With his Korean solo album release date approaching fast, JYJ ’s Junsu recently encroached upon the topic of the unfairness of music charts.

On May 12, Junsu wrote to his fans on his :

“You can stop streaming, or whatever it’s called. I am satisfied with being able to make good music, and sing good songs. And I am satisfied to have fans like you who will listen to that music. Fairness has been something long gone for us anyway. Even still, I will not become weary.”

On May 11, Junsu released song “I Don’t Like Love” from his solo album “Xia Tarantallegra ” as an O.S.T. for the drama “Rooftop Prince,” in which fellow member Yoochun is taking part. Although the song reached number one on various charts immediately after it’s release, at the moment, “I Don’t Like Love” is outside in the twenties on Mnet and MelOn, and within the top ten on Olleh Music.

As a result, fans have raised questions regarding the fairness of music charts.

In related news, Junsu will be holding his first solo concert on May 19 and 20 at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

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[News] Park Yoo Chun Voted Number 1 Actor Who Looks Most Like an Anime Character

Park Yoochun, who is currently playing the role of a crown prince in “Rooftop Prince“, has recently been named as the number 1 “man jjit nam.”

Man jjit nam” is a shortened word that literally means, “a man who looks like he was ripped out of a comic book.” This defines a man, who is pretty and handsome like a protagonist from a love story comic.

On a online community site, a poll was created to vote for the best “man jjit nam” or “man jjit nyuh” (female version) celebrities. About 48,000 netizens voted. Park Yoo Chun received 43.5% of the votes (20,900 votes) and took the number 1 spot.

Netizens commented about this result by saying, “I voted too. Of course the crown prince should receive the number 1 spot,” “His looks seem like they’ve been ripped out of a comic book. So great,” “My heart pounds whenever Park Yoo Chun smiles,” and more.

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[News] Park Yoochun’s enlistment notice unwelcome by netizens

Pop group JYJ member Park Yoochun who was been identified as 4th grade and will serve in public service due to asthma announced his official position with respect to military service.

On May 3rd, 2012, an official of management agency of Park Yoochun, C-Jes Entertainment, said:

“Park Yoochun did receive the enlistment notice, but currently there is no confirmed enlistment time, but he’s now filming the drama, so may delay the date for enlistment.”

The official added:

“At the first medical examination in February 2011, Park Yoochun received the decision of 7th grade, becoming the target of re-examination, later he honestly conducted reviews in accordance with the requests from the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) in good faith, was determined to be 4th grade, and will service as public service personnel.”

It’s reported that he received the grade 4 because of asthma.

Park Yoochun is currently starring in SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” in the leading role of Lee Gak.

On the other hand, after the news of Park Yoochun been assigned to public service was announced, it attracted the attention of suspicious netizens.

Netizens said, “Looks like all entertainers is in public service,” “Smoke so heavily, seems like determined to have asthma,” “He looks very healthy on the stage” and so on.

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[News] Micky Yoochun vs Kim Soo Hyun – Whose Body is Better?

The body of the actors always become a rather controversial topic.

Recently Kaya Scodelario who come to South Korea to shoot CF together with Kim Soo Hyun, published on her Twitter account a photo of Kim Soo Hyun.

In the photos, Kim Soo Hyun took off his jacking, and wore sleeveless shirt. His body looks more solid than his appearance, and the right-angle shaped arms is attracting attention. His such a look gained even more love from fans.

And Park Yoochun who is known as “ancestor of right-angle shoulders” also received attention recently.

On April 30th, 2012, Park Yoochun who is starring in SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama “Rooftop Prince” uploaded a photo on his . He who was wearing pink long-sleeved shirt looked at the camera with a smile.

The slightly fitted pink shirt protruded his solid body. The solid strong arms coupled with extra-wide shoulders, living up to his reputation as “ancestor of right-angle shoulders.”

Kim Soo Hyun and Park Yoochun not only have the advantage of right-angle shoulders, but they also showed their talents in the Wednesday and Thursday drama series, they both played the role of prince. And the two persons also have very charming smile, and the popularity is increasing continuously.

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[News] JYJ’s Yoochun Gets Exemption from Regular Military Duty Because of Asthma

JYJ‘s Yoochun will not be serving the regular Korean military duty because of the chronic asthma he was born with. Instead, he will be assigned to a public service personnel position to replace his two year mandatory military service. The exact date of his enlistment (with public service) has not been determined yet.

The report was made on May 3 when Yoochun’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said through a press releases that:

“Yoochun was diagnosed with chronic
asthma in his first physical examination last February.
After three more examinations, he received a grade
4, so Yoochun will serve as public service personnel.”

In fact, Yoochun received an enlistment letter that required him to report to military training by May 21. But because of his on-going filming with SBS “Rooftop Prince,” he has been able to postpone his enlistment temporarily.

His agency said:

“We haven’t decided yet on when he will enlist. He will be focusing on his acting in the time being.”

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