[Profile] SM Entertainment introduces EXO’s fifth member, Se Hun

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Having revealed several members of EXO through visual teasers and a performance at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun , SM Entertainment will be officially introducing SE HUN today through a new video teaser!

According to a recent report, Se Hun is 17 years old and stands at 181 cm. Equipped with powerful dance moves, Se Hun will show off his expertise through a two-man performance with fellow member Kai in a teaser clip to be released later today.

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Though the group has yet to debut, fans both in Korea and overseas are already heralding the birth of a new global Hallyu star.

SM is expected to reveal further details of EXO-K and EXO-M through new photos and press releases this week. Stay tuned as allkpop awaits further news on this impending debut!

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[Profile] SM Entertainment introduces EXO’s martial artist member, TAO

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After introducing members Kai and Lu Han earlier, SM Entertainment has brought EXO ‘s martial artist to the front.

In his video clip, Tao shows off an impressive array of wushu skills, which includes a knowledgable handling of the staff and dao. SM will follow up with more info about Tao, Kai, Lu Han, and their other groupmates soon through new teasers and press releases.

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[Profile] SM introduces EXO’s second member, Lu Han!

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SM stated on December 27th, “The teaser video for sub-units EXO-K and EXO-M will be released through the Korean official homepage. It will feature both the first member, Kai , and also the second member, Lu Han.”

Much like Kai’s teaser , the purpose of Lu Han’s video is to showcase his talents. The 21-year-old possesses strong vocals and dancing skills as well as ‘flower boy’ looks — a combination that’s sure to draw him many personal fans.

SM’s new boy group, which is comprised of both Korean and Mandarin-speaking members, will debut on the same time with the same song. Their name was inspired by ‘EXOPLANET’, or the sun’s outer planets.

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[News] SMent Introduces New Boy Group Member, Kai!

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On December 23rd, SM introduced Kai , the first member of EXO . Judging from the teaser clip, he’s quite the fluid dancer, and is sure to capture many fangirls’ hearts with his mysterious charisma.

SM had explained that they were going debut a Korean-Chinese boy group who would come out with the same song on the same day. It seems that the Korean group will be called EXO-K , while the Chinese group will be called EXO-M (much like how ‘M’ stood for ‘Mandarin’ in Super Junior-M).

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