[News] SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber take an adorable picture together

On April 30th, a showcase for SMTOWN’s upcoming movie I AM was held and most of the SMTOWN artists gathered together for a fun little reunion. The official for the movie has been slowly releasing pictures of the SMTOWN artists together and now, we get to see SHINee’s Key and f(x)’s Amber together for a picture.

The two are good friends and it’s quite adorable to see the two together. They have their arms draped over one another’s shoulders and Key blows his face up like a blowfish, with Amber putting her finger next to his cheek as to deflate it.

Source & Image: Ningin
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[Pictures] SHINee Shares Personal Thoughts on Latest “I AM” Posters

On April 9, SHINee released their individual posters for the upcoming SM Entertainment film, “I AM.” Each poster includes a personal message written by the SHINee members, giving a look into the members’ true feelings about themselves.

Onew :

“I’m a genius.”

Jonghyun :

“I have 50,000 songs on my MP3 players.”

Key :

“My friends told me not to lie when I told them I was having a concert at Madison Square Garden.”

Minho :

“From the moment we debuted until now, it was like a movie.”

Taemin :

“I wanted to become more dramatic.”

I AM” will continue to release individual postersm of all SME artists in the coming weeks. A documentary film based on the behind-the-scene and concert footage of “SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,” SME’s new film “I AM” will be released in May.

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[News] SHINee Opens Up on Fasting Rumors & Extra Member!

The SHINee members opened up on some funny rumors they had heard about themselves through their handwritten resumes. The members wrote out their own resumes for the live open studio broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News on March 29.

In the resume, they had to write down basic information about themselves, a self-introduction, interests, strengths, weaknesses and rumors. Their answers for the weirdest rumors they’ve heard and their explanations were especially entertaining.

Key and Onew answered, ‘Fasting rumors’ and ‘Don’t you ever eat? Yes, we do eat’.
Minho and Jonghyun answered calmly, ‘Not much’ and ‘There’s no need to explain rumors’, while member Taemin wrote, ‘That SHINee has six members’.

SHINee will be appearing in the open studio located in the first floor of the CJ E&M Center in Seoul. The members will talk about their resumes and answer questions in the Talk Bingo section.

As the open studio is literally open to the public and only has a glass wall separating the stars from the fans, many fans usually crowd around to see their stars when there is a shoot. Many are looking forward to seeing how many fans will gather outside to see SHINee.

SHINee recently made a comeback with its new mini album Sherlock, and after appearing in Wide Entertainment News, it will perform for M Countdown.

Source & Image: Enews & Daily Kpop News
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[News] SHINee reveals teaser photos for Key!

Following the release of half-naked teasers for SHINee‘s Minho, and Taemin, and Onew , the group is back with new teaser photos featuring Key!

The boys of SHINee will be dropping their 4th mini album, ‘Sherlock’ , that is said to be “world class” with quality music that the boys have been diligently working on for a while.

Stay tuned as the teasers for the last members to be revealed!

‘Sherlock’ will drop on March 21st.

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[News] Sunny, Key, Kyuhyun, Dana, & more to star in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ musical

The Korean production of Broadway musical ‘Catch Me If You Can’ has finally revealed its all-star cast!

K-Pop fans will be excited to know that Girls’ Generation’s Sunny , SHINee’s Key , Super Junior’s Kyuhyun , and CSJH’s Dana were included alongside musical actors like Lee Jung Hee, Lee Jung Ryul, Kim Bum Rae, Lee Gun Myung, Um Ki Jun, Park Kwan Hyung, Kim Jung Hoon, Jun Soo Kyung, Seo Ji Young, and Choi Woo Ri.

The musical, made possible through SM Entertainment, CJ E&M, and M Musical Art, will be put on through March 28th through June 10th.

Kyuhyun and Key will be playing the role of ‘Frank’, while Dana and Sunny will be playing ‘Brenda’, Frank’s love.

Source + Image: MMusical, Catch Me If You Can Official Site, and allkpop
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