[News] Super Junior’s Kyuhyun shares a hilarious dinner episode with TVXQ’s Changmin at ‘I AM’ Showcase

It’s no secret that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and TVXQ ’s Changmin are really close friends, earning the titles of ‘evil maknaes’, ‘genius maknaes’, etc., and their friendship was seen once more during the showcase for movie I AM.

Kyuhyun shared an amusing dinner episode that he had with Changmin. The two of them decided to go eat at this famous barbecue meat restaurant and Changmin told Kyuhyun he would pay, so the two ordered whatever they wanted. But it turns out that Changmin had forgotten his wallet, so Kyuhyun offered to pay…

Heh, you kept ordering food, Changmin? Evil maknae you truly are!

Source & Image: Blog Ningin
Shared by: Purple of Sona