[Pictures] Super Junior’s character posters for ‘I AM’ revealed

Super Junior has released their own for SM Entertainment’s upcoming film, ‘I AM‘.


“We became special when we took on a special name.”


“I don’t even think about another way out.”


“Mom, I signed with SM!”


“Even when I’m 40, I still want to be holding Super Junior concerts.”


“Out of the 4 minutes, my part is 10 seconds. For those 10 seconds, I’ll give it all I’ve got. When I go up on stage, I forget about everything else.”


“The life-span of an idol is 5 years? However, I thought I’d become something bigger.”


“Whether there’s a camera or not, I’m always the same.”


“We compete even between ourselves.”


“Although the 13 members are part of the same team, to be honest, group-life is really difficult.”

As reported earlier, the movie will contain footage from behind the scenes of SMTOWN concerts as well as the the process of preparation and daily lives of SM Entertainment artists. The movie will hit theaters in May.

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[News] Leeteuk Wants to Hold His Wedding at Jamsil Stadium

On the most recent episode of “We Got Married,” the topic of marriage came up while Leeteuk was giving advice to groupmate Donghae who was about to have his date with his virtual wife Son Eun Seo.

Leeteuk said, “The place I want to hold my wedding is Jamsil Stadium. At the stadium, there will be 40,000-50,000 guests. I plan to arrive on a helicopter and land in the middle of the stadium. Afterwards, I want to circle around the stadium in a limousine.”

He continued, “During the first half of the wedding, I would like fellow singers to be wedding singers and have celebratory performances. In the second half, I would like to have the wedding ceremony.”

Both Leeteuk’s wife Kang Sora and Donghae who were getting advice from Leeteuk seemed surprised. Kang Sora said, “He likes very large scale things,” and caused much laughter.

Source + Image: Soompi

[News] Miss A’s Suzy Reveals that JYP Entertainment Gives Sex Education!

Miss A’s Suzy revealed that JYP Entertainment gives sex education to its trainees!

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on March 6, Suzy was talking about the advantages of being part of JYP Entertainment, when she revealed that trainees receive sex education.

During this episode, Seohyun of Girls’ Generation spoke about the advantages of SM Entertainment while Se7en talked about the advantages of YG Entertainment. So as the representative of JYP, Suzy said, “In JYP, dance and vocal lessons are a given – they also give sex education,” surprising all the guests and viewers.

After Suzy dropped this news, all the guests were pretty shocked. She continued, “A sex education instructor comes and we all gather together and listen to the lecture as if we’re in class.”

Afterwards, another guest Choi Halli said, “These days, my son is going through puberty and is asking me a lot of difficult and uncomfortable questions. Every time he asks those questions, I tell him to ask Super Junior’s Leeteuk instead,” surprising Leeteuk and causing laughter to erupt throughout the set.

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[Compilation] Translate of Super Junior’s twitter update about their 4 trophies in Golden Disk Awards (From 120111)

YESUNG () : http://twitpic.com/85yxr2 Golden Disk Daesang and we got 4 golden trophies .. ELF all over the world who has given this gift, thank you and i love you.
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DONGHAE () : Super Junior’s Daesang !!!!!!! ELF is the best, i love you!! 4 golden trophies !!! http://pic.twitter.com/2OukrnZo
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SIWON () : always proud of you all. and always love you all. thank you for everything. cheers! pic.twitter.com/ q6a2gz6F
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SIWON () : thank you all our E.L.F ! We love you forever and ever pic.twitter.com/tzFoECNK
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DONGHAE () : We’ll work harder ^^ Thank you !! I love you !! SuJu the best !! ELF the best !! pic.twitter.com/twwgbrEg
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SUNGMIN’s BLOG UPDATE : http://twitpic.com/85z9wh
Really Really.. Happy day. In the future I will work harder to return everyone that give us this awards. I love u. The Best, The best!!
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KYUHYUN () : Eyy I don’t know. To the many people and ELF
who loved SJ and allowed us to receive this huge award, thank you. I don’t normally say things like that, but I love you ❤ pic.twitter.com/ BCieu3lp
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LEETEUK () : Finally we did! This is made by you who give us happiness! I always thank you and I’m sorry. I’m really happy.The first Quadruple of Golden disk!! Fans loving our albums, voting this awards and make memories with us, ELF, I love you all. pic.twitter.com/rjkPDNmQ

LEETEUK () : Let’s make a new history~^^ We will keep going!! Super Junior does well everything
except breakup!! We cannot do that seriously~ We will show you SJ always trying to be fresh! Watch me always^^ We are forever~!!
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EUNHYUK () : Mom, I became the champion!!
Really~?? This won’t do, I have to call ELFs, this~ Get
this prize, get it twice, get it thrice, get it four times* pic.twitter.com/yDCvbXiV
(*이 상 먹어 = receive this prize,
literally means “eat this prize”)
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Source + Image: Super Junior’s Twitter
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