[News] JYJ’s Junsu Indonesian Concert is Simply Amazing

Jakarta – JYJ’s Junsu successfully held a concert at JITEC, Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta, Saturday (6/16/2012). He was in Jakarta for the ‘XIA The 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra’.

The concert was supposed to begin at 7:00PM Western Indonesian Time. But until 8:00PM Western Indonesian Time, Junsu has not yet appeared on stage. The fans then repeatedly chanted his name “Kim Junsu”.

The awaited concert finally started out around 8:40PM Western Indonesia Time. The stage was suddenly filled with lights from fireworks, plus green laser highlights. Junsu was standing on stage with a dark blue suit and immediately sang the song ‘Breath’ and continued with ‘No Gain’.

Both songs were welcomed by the audience with hysterical screams. Especially in the second song, Junsu was dancing with two female dancers who was dressed sexily.

“How are you? I’m Xia. I’m pleased to meet you,” Junsu said in fluent Indonesian language without any ‘cheat sheet’. He also continued to bestow his warm smile. “The next song will make you fall asleep,” Junsu continued, translated by an interpreter. Then ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Intoxication’ were sung.

Junsu sang 17 songs live. Although he was sweating due to non-stop dancing, he looked so exhilarated.

‘Set Me Free’ was next on the playlist. Laser and blue lights were everywhere. The audiences were singing along. After changing his clothes into an all-white suit, he then sang a drama soundtrack from ‘Scent of Woman’ called ‘You are So Beautiful’. Again, the audiences were singing along as well. Festive!

The difference between Junsu’s concert with other Kpop concert is, the audiences were dominated by mature audiences, not teenage schoolgirls. Understandably, Junsu first debuted in 2003 thus his fans were more mature already.

“Are you happy? Happy? Thank you!” Junsu said as he continued laughing (t/n: he also said the sentence in Indonesian language). “Even though I sing here, I can’t believe that I’m standing in Indonesia. I’m so happy to be able to come here for the first time,” he continued.

The audiences hysterically screamed when Junsu said that he would grant 3 wishes. The interpreter then was helping him. Junsu had to do an ‘aegyo’ (t/n: he gave us his angel smile ^^). For a moment he acted cutely then shyly nodded.

The audiences went uncontrollably with the second request. They shouted together “Open your clothes! Open your clothes!” Unfortunately the request was ignored by the interpreter. Junsu ended up just shouting his trademark shout “Bambaya!”

Junsu looked so sweet. He couldn’t stop smiling and laughing, enjoying his performances. The fans firmly united chanting “Saranghae! Saranghae!” (I love you in Korean language).

‘Even Though You Already Know’ and ‘Turn Around and Around’ was then sung. Ocean of red light sticks were swaying back.

‘The Last Dance’ from Junsu’s musical ‘Elizabeth’ was next performed. Of course with a dazzling musical style. The dancers wore masks and black lace robe. The screen behind the stage displaying Big Ben in the middle of full moon.

This segment seemed to show Junsu as a successful musical actor. Next he sang the song ‘I am, I am Music’ from the musical that he was also staring ‘Tears of Heaven’. Junsu looked so engrossed in his performance.

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ from musical ‘Mozart’ took over the stage. The screen behind displaying image of a castle complete with its chandeliers that adding a melancholy atmosphere. Not to mention Junsu’s vocal quality which is fit and extraordinary. It felt like watching a real musical. Good job, Junsu!

Intro of Tarantallegra! was finally heaved, welcoming with fireworks explosion and fire that burst from the edge of stage. Junsu’s spell was successful, the audiences continued to shout fan-chants. Tarantallegra!

Tired. Junsu who was sweating sat for a few minutes in red sofa that suddenly appeared in front of the stage. He just sat motionless without saying anything. Impatient audiences chanted his name repeatedly “Kim Junsu! Kim Junsu!”.

Junsu stood right in front of the stage. Again fireworks were bursting and lasers were dancing. ‘Fever’, ‘Too Love’, and ‘Mission’ became the next songs. The concert was almost over. Junsu’s dancing was even more energetic and vibrant.

Junsu changed his clothes for about 6 times. At the end, he wore a shirt written ‘XIA The 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra’ combined with gold pants and calf-length boots. He sat in a high chair and sang ‘I Don’t Like Love’ and ‘The Tree Covered The Dew’.

While he sang, Junsu was taking a plushie given by an audience in the front row. Confetti was scattered like snow. ‘Fallen Leaves’ was closed with clapping from the audiences and Junsu bowed to bid goodbye. “Thank you!” he ended, forming a heart shape with his both hands.

9 years of existence in Korean music world really made Junsu able to prove his quality. Without hydraulic stage or excessive special effects, Junsu’s performances were still incredibly stunning. Fans went out with satisfaction. See you again, Junsu!

Credit: detik.com I Translated by: asukasukisu
Shared by: JYJ3 || Reshared by: Purple of Sona

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