[News] Most Ridiculous Anti-Hallyu Movements in Japan

Korea and Japan share a long history of a love-hate relationship. They are closely linked to each other, both historically and culturally, but there’s also a deep-rooted animosity that dates back centuries.

This strange sentiment goes across many sectors. The Korean pop culture industry has been no exception, and as popular as K-Pop is in Japan, we are slowly starting to see a surge in anti-Hallyu movements as well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the recent anti-Hallyu movements in Japan represent the vast majority of Japanese people. But some of these extreme Japanese right-wing, anti-Hallyu groups (albeit small in size and influence) have sparked quite a stir among K-Pop fans for their distorted views and nonsensical accusations.

In this article, we will review some of the most ridiculous anti-Hallyu movements in Japan. Again, these movements do not represent the views of the Japanese as a whole, but it’s worth noting their difference in perspective from the casual K-Pop fans. Perhaps, the only way to solve this problem is to grow a better understanding of each other and accept/respect different cultures – as the old saying goes, “Don’t hate, just appreciate!

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1. Kim Tae Hee Threatened to Leave Japan

2. T-ara’s Jiyeon is “Barbaric”

3. Jang Geun Suk Wants to “Eat” Japanese AV Star Sora Aoi

4. 2NE1’s “Hate You” MV is Anti-Japanese

5. Japanese Actor Thinks Korean TV Programs Brainwash You

6. SNSD and Kara Depicted as Bartenders Offering Sexual Services

A Japanese manga titled, “Disgusting Hallyu,” made headlines last year for the way it depicted SNSD and Kara, two of the biggest K-Pop girl groups in Japan. It was especially controversial for its drawings that clearly looked like the two groups serving old men with drinks and sexual favors. The cartoonist argued that it’s the norm in Korea for girl groups to offer sexual services to men in power and that the Korean government has been investing millions of dollars to manipulate this whole “Hallyu” phenomenon in Japan. SM Entertainment and DSP Media released statements saying they will take legal measures and file a lawsuit against the cartoonist.

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[News] Kim Bum to Release Japanese Album in June

Hallyu star Kim Bum will be making his official Japanese music debut in June.

Currently, Kim Bum is focusing on the last of his recordings for his album. Although he has released a single in 2009 for a fan meeting in Japan, he will officially be branching out and releasing a full album in Japan.

Kim Bum’s agency, King Kong Entertainment stated:

“He is planning to released an album with eight songs this coming June. After the release, there are plans for a large scale promotion in Japan.”

Kim Bum’s singing skills have already been demonstrated a few times, as he has sung the official soundtrack songs for the dramas in which he took part. In 2009, for KBS 2TV’s “Boys Over Flowers” special edition O.S.T., he sang “I’m Going to Meet You Now.”

Also in 2010, Kim Bum sang “The Woman Who Cut my Guitar String” for the MBC drama “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry” while playing the role of a prodigy musician Han Min Jae. Min Jae sang the song to Lee Shin Young to describe their first meeting.

Meanwhile, after filming jTBC’s “Padam Padam,” Kim Bum is busy filming for the movie “Miracle.”

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