[News] Chansung Gives Wooyoung a Wild Animal for his Birthday

2PM‘s Wooyoung celebrated his 23rd birthday on the 30th of April, but he seems to still be celebrating with the gift that he received the from group’s youngest, most thoughtful member, Chansung.

Wooyoung Tweeted on the 5th of May:

“I received my birthday present from Chansung today. I was seriously so scared of it at first, but it is so lovable now. Thanks Chansung!”

He attached a photograph of himself with the present from Chansung. The gift turned out to be a huge white tiger plushie, with a face bigger than Wooyoung’s. In the photo, he seems to be growling with his new friend.

One lucky follower asked the singer, “What would you use that for?” and Wooyoung happily replied, “Hmm… sometimes as a watchdog for my room, a chair, a table, etc…oh right, a doll!”

Source & Image: Ningin
Shared by: Purple of Sona


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