[News] SHINee’s Minho and his Brother: Good looks do run in the family!

We all know that SHINee’s Minho is known for his good looks which have knocked quite a few noona fans dead, but not only is he good looking, his older brother, Choi Minsuk, is too!

The photo above appeared on an online community board with the caption, ‘Minho’s older brother who attends Seoul University’.

Not only is he drawing attention for his strikingly good looks, but also for his attendance at Seoul University, a very elite Korean university.

Netizens expressed their joy in this find saying, “He is as good looking as Minho,” “Wow, looks and brains!” and more.

Now that we have established that the Choi family has supremely good looks in their genes, the question now is, which brother do you prefer? Choi Minho or Choi Minsuk? Tell us below!

Source & Image: Ningin
Shared by: Purple of Sona

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