[News] Super Junior wraps up their 3 days Super Show 4 Indonesia

Super Junior successfully wrapped up their 3 days Super Show 4 in Indonesia in 27th-29th April 2012.

On three days concert, Super Junior gathered over 25,000 fans from all over Indonesia in Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta. With 3 days ticket sold out, Super Junior gave their best performances after a long waited Super Show in Indonesia for Indonesian ELF.

Super Junior broke the record to have the biggest concert in Indonesia with 3 day concert in a row. There’s slightly differentiation between day one, two, and three. Although the song list is still the same, they seemed put much effort for the last day concert. In almost 4 hours-long concert, Super Junior has fulfilling the dream of thousands of Indonesian ELF. The venue filled with Sapphire Blue Ocean everywhere.

Super Junior officially started their concert with VCR.
The opening VCR showed up the member introduction. Super Junior opened their concert with ‘Superman’. The fans started to scream out loud after see the nine superman came out. The light effect shined the members one by one when they were singing the intro part of ‘Superman’. They started to move on to the central stage. The crowd screamed crazily when Super Junior was coming closer. Along with ‘Superman’, ‘Opera’ and ‘A Man in Love’ are interspersed with the water fountain in the front of the stage. Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungming were using crane and flying in front of the second floor seats.

After 3 opening songs, the VCR started to play again.
Super Junior left the stage for a while. Super Junior
cameback to the stage with ‘Bonamana’ remix.
The members screaming ‘Indonesia!!!’ and made the fans screamed out once again. The boys ran here and there in every stage corner. They gathered again in the main stage to introduce their self. The leader Leeteuk even said “Apa kabar Indonesiaaaa?? Benar-benar terima kasih. Nama saya Leeteuk. Saya suka Indonesia gadis” Not only leeteuk, the rest of the members also introduced their self in bahasa. Shindong keep saying “Hatur nuhun” that means thankyou in Indonesian tradisional language, Sundanese.

The concert continued with ‘You Are My Endless Love’, ‘Wonder Boys’, and ‘Rokkugo’. The boys were having fun on the stage and having a contact with fans. The VCR in New York started. The fans started to teary up over the message on the VCR. Super Junior was back with ‘Walking’. Some members were flying with sling in bicycle and plane.

Then the guest star appeared, EXO-M on the stage. They performed ‘MAMA’ first. There’s no black ocean at all, ELF were also having fun even screaming EXO-M’s fanchant.

After EXO-M, the jewel boy Eunhyuk came on stage from a jewel box. He sang ‘Say My Name’ and the crowd screaming ‘Lee Hyuk Jae’ like crazy. Eunhyuk said, “Nama saya Lee Hyuk Jae. Saya akan menjadi orang special kalian malam ini“. Eunhyuk even mentioned some Indonesian handsome celebrity ended with “Mengerti semua?. . The solo performances continued with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Sungmin and Shindong. Special for Shindong, he didn’t dance to Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop’. For Indonesia performance Shindong danced to Indonesian song ‘Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi’. Fans started to sing along while he was dancing.

The hilarious moment started after the high school’s dream VCR started. Super Junior sang ‘Good Friends’ and ‘Pajama Party’. They also dressed up like a cosplay. Eunhyuk as white bird, Donghae as Charlie Chaplin, Leeteuk as Hulk Holgan, Kyuhyun as Steve Jobs, Shindong as Britney Spears, Sungmin as Marilyn Monroe, Yesung as Chucky, Siwon as Superman, adn Ryeowook as Gollum. Kyuhyun also thrown his apple.

Super Junior left the stage for a while. The hockey VCR played on the screen. Then they performed ‘Feels Good’ and ‘ACHA’ on the black and white shirt. After that the shirtless VCR got so much attention from ELF. They started to screaming again although Super Junior is not on stage. They comeback to the stage with blink-blink suits. They performed their latest hit single ‘Mr. Simple’. The fans chanted so loud. This also happened when Super Junior performed ‘Dont Don’.

The stage now belong to EXO-M again. EXO-M sang to ‘History’ and the fanchant from Indonesian ELF
are much louder than before. After that, Eunhae performed their duet song ‘Oppa Oppa’. They wore a different outfit everyday. This song brights the fan’s mood up again. Solo stage goes to Yesung now. When he started to teary up while singing.

Super Junior KRY+DS took a fans to calm down with ‘Strom’. The confetti are blowing up around festival area. They also performed ‘Lovely Day’ in
acapella version. Super Junior even said “Apa kabar elf? Saya cinta kalian!” during the song. Super Junior did not pick a girl from the crowd, they thought everyone to dance ‘You&I’.

After that, fans are started their ‘Our Love’ project. Super Junior even noticed the fan project in all day in Jakarta. The flashback VCR was on the screen. Some fans even cried during this moment. Fan chants filled all corners of the venue. But Super Junior took the hilarious back in ‘Do Re Mi’. Along with that ‘Dancing Out’ on stage, they said it was their last song and bowed to the fans. As we all already know, nothing really ends without an encore. They said goodbye but the crowd started to say “WE WANT MORE!“

The encore part is awesome. Even they are tired, they still wanna give their best. The group returned with ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Miracle’, and ‘Destiny’ for their encore stage. Each member got a chance to say a closing statement. They said “Apakah cukup menyenangkan?” repeatedly. Kyuhyun also stated “We are so happy to be here. Wish we can get a chance to have a concert in Indonesia again!”.This statement was responded with a loud cheering.

For showing their thankyou, Super Junior gave a fan service during encore. Siwon picked Eunhyuk to join him. Both of them were showing their abs. All of Super
Junior member got a splash from a fountian. The boys seemed having a great time in Indonesia. Thankyou for coming, Super Junior! We will wait for another concert!

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Shared by: Purple of Sona

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