[Trans/Interview] INFINITE on Music Bank Magazine (Japan) May Issue

INFINITE on Music Bank Magazine (Japan) May Issue

INFINITE held the ‘second invasion’ in Korea and Japan in February. What’s the attraction of concerts for you?


: “We can feel ‘INFINITE and INSPIRIT
became one’.”


: “Though it was live performance and we performed the other arrangement, INSPIRITs’ call was perfect and they sang together. I could feel ‘we became one’. INSPIRITs are awesome!!”

The solo performances were interesting. The song L sang was released when L was 4 years. Why did you sing that song?


: “I’ve loved that song since my childhood and sung a lot. I thought I could express my feeling, so I sang that in the audition. L from INFINITE started from that audition. I wanted to sing this song because I thought my all was in this song. Mine Compared with the original piece of music, there is much lack, but this song is unforgettable for me.”

‘Trouble maker’ which SungJong and Sungyeol performed was shocking for various reasons lol


: “Yeah it was! You were surprised, weren’t you? One day when I woke up, SungJong said ‘Hyun, we’ll perform Trouble Maker!’ I was opposed at first, but I thought it might be fun lol I asked SungJong ‘you will perform the part of Hyuna, right?’ SungJong flatly answered ‘No. Hyun will do that part!’ I was so surprised!”


: “haha lol Yeah. Usually people think I will do that part because I’m good at girls’ groups’ dance, so I thought the opposite would be fun. I wanted to show you my manhood~,huhuhu.’”

The audience screamed when you kissed.


: “We pretended! I want to do my best on a real kiss lol”

BTD is known for the scorpion dance. What did you think when you heard the audience screamed?


: “I felt like ‘I’ve done that!’ I’m satisfied to have shown you our best. I’d like to keep making you surprised.”


: “The scorpion dance is important for us, but SungJong often makes a mistake~! The lack of our 99.9% is because of him, I think.”


: “Sunggyu hyung often makes a mistake too! I think the lack is because of you. You are the leader, so I want you to hold on more.”


: “The quarrel between the leader and maknae started again! LOL”

Trans by: Saki @INFINITE7SOUL
Shared by: Imperial1219 at ‘infinitesoul.wordpress.com
Re-shared by: Purple of Sona


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