[News] T-ara’s Eunjung dismisses rumors that ‘We Got Married’ is scripted

A picture of an on-location shooting of We Got Married recently surfaced and was a hot topic in Korea. While the photo may seem like nothing out the ordinary, one problematic feature amid the usual camera crew and staff members was highlighted; a woman in the back can be seen holding up a cue sign, as if directing the on-screen couple’s actions.

The picture immediately became a hot topic, with many netizens questioning whether or not We Got Married is scripted. However, T-ara’s Eunjung, whose episode was being filmed with partner Jangwoo at the scene of the picture, dismissed the rumor via Twitter. She stated, “Because coconuts are a special delicacy in that country, I think one of the staff members just wrote that down to let us know that it’d be a good idea to mention it.”

“These sort of ‘tips’ from our staff rarely occur actually,” continued Eunjung, “In fact, whenever we begin to film, the only thing our staff tells us is, ‘This is what you’re doing today, go have fun’ and that’s pretty much it!”

Source + Image: Naver News &
Shared: Purple of Sona


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