[News] JYJ’s Siblings Tweet about Sasaeng Fans and JYJ’s life!

Jaejoong’s sister and Junsu’s twin brother’s tweets regarding Sasaeng fans.

Jaejoong’s sister Minkyeong tweeted “This is the reason why celebrities get depressed and commit suicide! This is the reason why they become bi-polar or get depressed! I am past my 30’s yet when I get a little mad my anger will just build up~ They’re sasaeng yet I think they rather are Grim Reapers or stalkers! When I heard Jaejoong’s mention on Kakao Talk I was really surprised and my heart skipped a beat.”

She continued, “Even though there are so many words and expressions, why is it that Jaejoong’s has become the most frightening and depressing one? Even three year old are able to express themselves when they aren’t able to do what they wish to do. For the purpose of one’s self-fulfillment, they hurt others mentally (through the heart). They’re still children who were already mentally exhausted even without them! [sasaeng]. Even though I am next to him [not in a literal sense] there is nothing I can say or do to help him. I hate this sad reality! The world’s most depressing message. thought. expression from Jaejoong.”

“However, there aren’t just sasaengs around Jaejoong. I recall something he once said before, ‘I’ll sing even if there is just one person who will listen to my music and protect me’Thus he is very thankful and is able to continue to sing. Right now Jaejoong is singing for those fans and is doing so happily. He isn’t singing for sasaengs, correct? No matter how hard it is and how much it has hurt, for those fans whom have been supporting him with smiles, even today they should be able to support/protect him.” she concluded.

Translator’s note: In the end, his sister says that though Jaejoong cannot sing in his own country, so long as he can sing anywhere for his fans is great. The fact that he did not give up being a singer makes her proud and she really enjoys listening to his songs.

Junsu’s brother Junho also talked about this issue and wrote “Seeing this problem from the perspective of fans, the reality of this problem is very disturbing. I think it would be correct in recognizing that these are not fans but stalkers. Criminals of life and death…the real words and facial expressions, actions and voices from the actual people are not included in this audio… This is the editing of a devil.

Before, when my brother came home for a holiday, I saw his face that was suffering from saesangs but I said that because they’re fans they will treat them (JYJ) well…until I went with him, after that I thought this was maddening…” he said.

“They love their fans more than anything, and they’re so grateful to them…But because of sasaengs, this perversion (T/N:of the fan culture) is painful…Before, the fan culture was evolving into a beautiful entity. The fans that have their stars, and the stars that have their fans.”

He continued “After this, I hope that there will be a change back into, or even, a more beautiful fan culture in the future.”

Hope that sasaeng fans will stop what they are doing to JYJ. The boys needs respect and love.

Source: @mk_taiji + @JUNO_Japan
Translated by: Buniustyle of JYJ3 + @ayu3s
Shared: Purple of Sona

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