[News] Kim SooHyun cross dressing as Suzy?

Kim Soohyun’s recent blog picture resembles miss A’s Suzy which attracted a lot of attention.

In mid February, Kim Soohyun posted up womanized photo of himself on his mini blog. This photo traveled through various community board. The photo of Kim Soohyun dressed as a woman is compared with his role as Lee Hwon in KBS’ “The Moon that embraces the Sum”that is full of charm, and this immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

In the photo, Kim Soohyun wore a long black wig. The fair skin and innocent look almost let people mistaken him as a girl. The appearance that is resembling miss A’s Suzy, who was co-starring with him in Dream High, this also attracted a lot of attention.

Although he did not introduce himself in the blog, netizens assumed it was him. And then they commented “Looks a lot like miss A’s Suzy,” “When is king very handsome, when in woman’s clothing very innocent.”

Source: Asian Drama
Reported by: mya@ultimate-adora.com
Shared: dkpopnews
Re-shared: Purple of Sona


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