[News] Rooftop Prince’s casts pose for selcas!

The youthful cast of Rooftop Prince poses for a few light-hearted sel-cas featuring a mix of Joseon-era garb and modern-day wear, which in Yoochun ‘s case translates into a tracksuit topped with a kingly hat. Even a prince has gotta be comfortable on the set, don’tcha know.

Above is the crown prince’s posse, which consists of Choi Woo-shik, Lee Min-ho, and Jung Seok- won , all of whom travel with him to the 21st century to confront newfangled current-day Korea with (I’m hoping) hilarity and hijinks. Because that premise is just made for hijinks. A crown prince confronting computers and cell phones and toilets? Not to mention the look I want to see on his face when he realizes that the monarchy is long gone. Sorry, buddy, you’ll have to stand in line with all the other commoners.

Pictured below is series lead Han Ji-min as the princess, who’ll have a modern-day doppelganger who captures the prince’s heart. Man. And I thought King Hwon’s [The Moon that Embraces the Sun] eight-year pining for a dead girl was extreme. That’s a drop in the angst bucket (full of teaaaars, naturally) next to Princey’s 300-year torch- carrying.

Rooftop Prince airs on SBS beginning March 14. I’m crossing my fingers for a fun ride.

Source: TV Report
Credit: Dramabeans
Shared: dkpopnews
Re-shared: Purple of Sona


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