[News] B2ST holds successful concert in Berlin!

On February 12th, BEAST held their 2-hour first exclusive concert in Berlin titled, “Beautiful Show in Berlin”, the second leg of the group’s “Beautiful Show” world concert tour.

Over 3,000 thousand fans from all over the world gathered to see the concert, despite the 10 degrees below zero temperature. The boys warmed up the night with their hit songs including “Special”, “Breath” and “Shock”, along with new ballads “I Knew It” and “Living Without You”.

Aside from performing their big hits, member Hyunseung was able to perform a solo act and sang “Don’t You Mind”. While Doojoon, Kikwang and Junhyung all sang “Should I hug or Not”. Doojoon concluded the concert with the remarks, “We’re so glad that we had a chance to go on our world tour in Europe. This would be the beginning. We hope that we can visit all our fans’ countries.”

Meanwhile, BEAST will head to Shanghai, China for the third stop of their tour on February 25. The group will then take their show to Spain, United States, Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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[News] Super Junior Shindong’s girlfriend sends encouraging message

Super Junior Shindong’s long-time girlfriend, Nari, has sent him a banner with encouraging message.

On February 13, Shindong tweeted a photo with the comment, “Nari, even though many people are writing funny comments on wreaths, isn’t it too harsh? HA break up???? No way! I’ll do my best…ㅠ ㅠ”

In the photo, Shindong is making a surprised face while standing next to a wreath that his girlfriend sent which reads, “Shindong’s girlfriend Nari. If you rise, marriage…if you fall, a break up.”

Netizens commented, “Your girlfriend is so funny!”, “You have got to be successful!” and “When are you going to get married?”

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