[News] B2ST heads to Germany after successful concert in Paris

After wrapping up a successful concert in Paris with KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, B2ST is now heading for Germany to continue their world tour!

On February 10th, the boys were seen boarding a plane to Berlin, Germany. B2ST will be holding their second concert from their world tour series, ‘Beautiful Show’, on the 12th in Columbia Hall.

The boys had kicked off their world tour in Seoul on the 4th and 5th, attracting roughly 20,000 fans. Their upgraded choreography and live performances had the audience screaming for hours.

German music organizer, Trinity Music, expressed that B2ST’s concert would herald a momentous occasion in the industry. “K-Pop artists have really excited fans with their bold and high quality music, along with their dynamic performances. B2ST, who is recognized as quality artists, will not only satisfy German K-Pop enthusiasts with their concert, but also affect Germany’s pop music market.”

B2ST’s leader Yoon Doojoon revealed that he and his groupmates were very excited for their upcoming Berlin concert. “We’ve wanted to perform in Germany for a long time — we are excited to have our first concert. Previously, we saw that a song of ours had charted at #3, and so we wanted to repay our fans with an awesome performance. We will show a thrilling side of K-Pop to our fans.”

The ‘Beautiful Show’ concert series will be covering 14 countries and 21 cities around the globe.

Source + Image: allkpop and Osen
Shared: Purple of Sona


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