[News] Jaejoong tells Yoochun to be strong and draw strength from JYJ

Even top stars can have their low moments — luckily for Park Yoochun , he’s got his JYJ brothers to fall back on.

On February 6th, Yoochun tweeted, “Even if I have a lot of experience, it can get difficult.. Though I’m hard, I can still break. I guess I’m like that.”

In response, fellow member Jaejoong wrote, “Yoochun, be strong~ Jungu [ Junsu] and Jaejeul hyung are here! I bet filming is hard, but fighting! If you think about what I said on my birthday, you will gain some strength.”

Yoochun replied, “Jaejoong hyung’s birthday~ That conversation is a secret!” As if to hammer home his point, he posted a photo of the three members conversing very closely in the dark.

Netizens commented, “A conversation only between men?”, “I’m so curious about that conversation”, and “I can see their strong bonds to one another.”

Yoochun is currently filming for his upcoming drama, ‘Rooftop Prince‘. Meanwhile, Jaejoong completed a personal fan meeting in Turkey, making headlines in the local news.

Source + Image: Star News
Shared: Purple of Sona


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