[News] IU Resembles a Child When Posing with Kim Yoo Jung

Singer IU recently posed with child actress Kim Yoo Jung, who recently starred in the popular drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

The pictures spread like wildfire online and became a hot topic among netizens as they noticed that IU resembled a child when posing next to her.

A topic entitled “IU Is Smaller Than Most Grade Students” was recently posted on an online community board.

In the pictures shared of a child program where IU guest-starred, IU stood next child actress Kim Yoo Jung and displayed a large smile. When looking at the setting and IU’s small figure and slim silhouette, her appearance was no different from the other children present.

Indeed, IU appeared to be slimmer than child actress Kim Yoo Jung who stands near her. Netizens stated that IU unintentionally caused Kim Yoo Jung an humiliation, for posing with her and being skinnier than her.

It has also been reported that IU is a size 33 which is the equivalent of size 0 in most countries. IU seems to have the figure of a child.

Netizens commented about the pictures, “IU is even slimmer than Kim Yoo Jung! Daebak,” “IU has the body of a grade student,” “IU is really slim, “IU who wears a size 33 looks like a dwarf.”

Source + Image: Soompi
Shared: Purple of Sona


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