[News] INFINITE Produces Their Own Abandoned Animal Adoption Campaign Music Video ‘Even Including Tear-Acting’

Infinite produced a music videos to promote the adoption of abandoned animals.

On the episode of ‘Birth of a Family’ that aired on February 4th, Infinite appeared in a public service campaign.

Infinite rolled up their sleeves in order to send Dubu, Nurungie, and Koko to a good family. After watching a public service campaign for abandoned animals, they decided to film one of their own. They weren’t sure if they should hire a famous director or come up with ideas on their own.

Eventually Infinite pleaded for the help of Hong Wongi who directed videos for Girls Generation’s ‘The Boys,’ Beast’s ‘Breath,’ Seo Taiji’s ‘Moai,’ and Epik High’s ‘Run.’ Luckily, the director accepted and Infinite appeared as actors and staff for the music video. They did synchronized recording, cameras, acting, and personnel jobs. Actress Kwon Daehyun was the lead supporting actress.

An awesome piece of art was created after recording for a long time in the cold. Sungyeol’s tear-acting caught a lot of attention. Unfortunately Dubu, Nurungie and Koko couldn’t be in the video, but Infinite was satisfied that such a great message came out in the final product.

Shared: Purple of Sona


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