[News] IU Resembles a Child When Posing with Kim Yoo Jung

Singer IU recently posed with child actress Kim Yoo Jung, who recently starred in the popular drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

The pictures spread like wildfire online and became a hot topic among netizens as they noticed that IU resembled a child when posing next to her.

A topic entitled “IU Is Smaller Than Most Grade Students” was recently posted on an online community board.

In the pictures shared of a child program where IU guest-starred, IU stood next child actress Kim Yoo Jung and displayed a large smile. When looking at the setting and IU’s small figure and slim silhouette, her appearance was no different from the other children present.

Indeed, IU appeared to be slimmer than child actress Kim Yoo Jung who stands near her. Netizens stated that IU unintentionally caused Kim Yoo Jung an humiliation, for posing with her and being skinnier than her.

It has also been reported that IU is a size 33 which is the equivalent of size 0 in most countries. IU seems to have the figure of a child.

Netizens commented about the pictures, “IU is even slimmer than Kim Yoo Jung! Daebak,” “IU has the body of a grade student,” “IU is really slim, “IU who wears a size 33 looks like a dwarf.”

Source + Image: Soompi
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[News] INFINITE Produces Their Own Abandoned Animal Adoption Campaign Music Video ‘Even Including Tear-Acting’

Infinite produced a music videos to promote the adoption of abandoned animals.

On the episode of ‘Birth of a Family’ that aired on February 4th, Infinite appeared in a public service campaign.

Infinite rolled up their sleeves in order to send Dubu, Nurungie, and Koko to a good family. After watching a public service campaign for abandoned animals, they decided to film one of their own. They weren’t sure if they should hire a famous director or come up with ideas on their own.

Eventually Infinite pleaded for the help of Hong Wongi who directed videos for Girls Generation’s ‘The Boys,’ Beast’s ‘Breath,’ Seo Taiji’s ‘Moai,’ and Epik High’s ‘Run.’ Luckily, the director accepted and Infinite appeared as actors and staff for the music video. They did synchronized recording, cameras, acting, and personnel jobs. Actress Kwon Daehyun was the lead supporting actress.

An awesome piece of art was created after recording for a long time in the cold. Sungyeol’s tear-acting caught a lot of attention. Unfortunately Dubu, Nurungie and Koko couldn’t be in the video, but Infinite was satisfied that such a great message came out in the final product.

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[News] The in-trend idols are TEEN TOP?

TEEN TOP is indeed the trend!

In the afternoon of the 4th, MBC TV ‘Show Music Core’ which broadcasted live at 4PM KST, started with the special MCs FT Island Hongki, Jaejin and Jonghoon. TEEN TOP decorated the last stage on ‘Music Core’ with ‘Crazy’.

Hongki who was the MC explained TEEN TOP’s popularity “They are the trend these days. They have a lot of fans.”

Source + Image: dkpopnews
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[News] TVXQ’s Yunho visits Rain in the army

Recently, TVXQ’s Yunho paid a visit to his sunbae Rain, who is currently serving in the army.

An online community board shared this photo of the two stars and an unidentified third person. Rain’s fans were happy to see that their favorite star was looking well, and expressed gratitude towards Yunho for paying a visit despite his busy schedule.

As for Yunho, it looks like he got a new hairstyle; he grew out his hair and dyed it a caramel blond color.

Netizens commented, “Yunho has loyalty”, “It’s so cute to see a soldier holding up a peace sign”, and “I hope to see more celebrities visit their sunbae soon!”

Source + Image: BNT News via Nate
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