[News] f(x) had the Photo Shoot for Their Paper Advertisement of ‘Chicken Mania’

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f(x) finished the photo shoot for their paper advertisement of ‘Chicken Mania.’

f(x) had various concepts such as summer vacation, Olympic cheerleaders, uniform delivery, starting a business, etc. Even though the photo shoot was very long, it is said that f(x) kept an upbeat attitude with bright smiles during the photo shoot.

Moreover, f(x) has been the model for ‘Chicken Mania’ since 2010 and f(x)’s bright and clean images are well harmonized with the brand concept of ‘Chicken Mania,’ which aims for luxurious European chicken.

‘Chicken Mania’ said “f(x) helped ‘Chicken Mania’ to become one of the leading chicken brands last year. We will concentrate our efforts on harmonizing with f(x) and try our best to bring out better results in sales and brand image in 2012 as well.

Meanwhile, f(x) has been active in commercial, drama and TV shows.

Source + Image: SMTOWN Official Facebook Page
Shared: Purple of Sona


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