[Picture] 2NE1 ‘s Dara shows off her signed copy of MBLAQ’s ’100% Ver.’

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2NE1’s Sandara Park became the object of envy for MBLAQ after she shared a ‘proof shot’ of her signed MBLAQ album.

On January 14th, Sandara revealed through her me2day that she received the album as a present from her brother Thunder and his groupmates. “Kyaaaa~!!! +.+ I have MBLAQ’s hot and fresh new album!!! ^o^,” she wrote. “I came home and Thunder said it was a present for me!!! The MBLAQ dongsengs all wrote a signed message for Dara nuna! Ehehehe… ^_^v”

She continued, “[It’s] so cool~! T.T Kya~! It’s a war from here on out!!! Fighting!!!”

Fans commented, “Autographed copy??? I’m jealous,” “2NE1 fighting! MBLAQ fighting!” and “The song is so awesome! I’m slowly getting the feeling that it’ll rank in first place.”

MBLAQ released their fourth mini-album ‘ 100% Ver. ‘ recently, and are now working on their comeback promotions.

Source + Image: Dara’s me2day
Shared: Purple of Sona


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