[Compilation] Translate of Super Junior’s twitter update about their 4 trophies in Golden Disk Awards (From 120111)

YESUNG () : http://twitpic.com/85yxr2 Golden Disk Daesang and we got 4 golden trophies .. ELF all over the world who has given this gift, thank you and i love you.
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DONGHAE () : Super Junior’s Daesang !!!!!!! ELF is the best, i love you!! 4 golden trophies !!! http://pic.twitter.com/2OukrnZo
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SIWON () : always proud of you all. and always love you all. thank you for everything. cheers! pic.twitter.com/ q6a2gz6F
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SIWON () : thank you all our E.L.F ! We love you forever and ever pic.twitter.com/tzFoECNK
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DONGHAE () : We’ll work harder ^^ Thank you !! I love you !! SuJu the best !! ELF the best !! pic.twitter.com/twwgbrEg
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SUNGMIN’s BLOG UPDATE : http://twitpic.com/85z9wh
Really Really.. Happy day. In the future I will work harder to return everyone that give us this awards. I love u. The Best, The best!!
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KYUHYUN () : Eyy I don’t know. To the many people and ELF
who loved SJ and allowed us to receive this huge award, thank you. I don’t normally say things like that, but I love you ❤ pic.twitter.com/ BCieu3lp
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LEETEUK () : Finally we did! This is made by you who give us happiness! I always thank you and I’m sorry. I’m really happy.The first Quadruple of Golden disk!! Fans loving our albums, voting this awards and make memories with us, ELF, I love you all. pic.twitter.com/rjkPDNmQ

LEETEUK () : Let’s make a new history~^^ We will keep going!! Super Junior does well everything
except breakup!! We cannot do that seriously~ We will show you SJ always trying to be fresh! Watch me always^^ We are forever~!!
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EUNHYUK () : Mom, I became the champion!!
Really~?? This won’t do, I have to call ELFs, this~ Get
this prize, get it twice, get it thrice, get it four times* pic.twitter.com/yDCvbXiV
(*이 상 먹어 = receive this prize,
literally means “eat this prize”)
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Source + Image: Super Junior’s Twitter
Eunhyuk’s tweet translate by:
Shared: Purple of Sona


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