[News] Big Bang makes a succesful comeback with all 5 members in Japan!

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Big Bang makes a successful comeback in Japan with all 5 members present on stage.

On the 7th and 8th of January YG entertainment held their “15th Anniversary YG Family concert” in Osaka and Tokyo, and the Japanese media were also there to capture all the moments.

One of the biggest highlight of the concert was Big Bang’s comeback on stage with all 5 members present and this made headlines on Japanese media. On the previous year, G-Dragon was involved in a scandal and Daesung was involved in a tragic car accident and the group have not promoted in Japan since. After 8 months of absence, the group has finally returned on stage in Japan with all 5 members complete.

This is Big Bang’s first return on stage in Japan since May last year after they had their concert tour in Japan. Big Bang performed a total of 8 songs in the concert including their hit song “tonight” and the audience received them warmly.

During their performance, G-Dragon apologized to their fans for making them worry also Daesung said that he was very happy that Big Bang can perform on stage with all members and was happy that their fans was there too. Source: Nate news

Seource: Nate News
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