[News] A Pink sheds tears after hearing that their dog needed surgery

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While taking care of an abandoned dog named Quick for KBS’s ‘ Birth of a Family ‘, A Pink learned the shocking news that their pup required surgery for his knees.
The girls took him to the animal hospital after noticing that something was wrong with his legs. They explained to the vet that Quick wasn’t able to jump onto the sofa as usual, which made the vet examine Quick’s knees. He discovered dislocated knee caps on its hind legs and explained that Quick required a procedure to shave the bone, which could be painful.

Upon hearing the diagnosis, the girls shed a few tears and with a heavy heart, sent Quick in to surgery room. They waited outside nervously, and after three hours, A Pink were let back in.

Leader Cho Rong could not hold back her tears after seeing Quick lying on the table, who was whimpering as the anaesthetics wore off.

The girls were able to bring Quick back home soon afterwards.

Source + Image: TV Daily
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