[News] JYJ launches official Facebook and Youtube pages

Image posted by MobyPicture.com

Despite their scarce appearances on TV, JYJ experienced an explosive level of popularity that continues to expand each day. This is largely due to their influence on social media networks , and so it makes sense that they’re finally opening official Facebook and YouTube accounts!

On January 6th, Jaejoong tweeted a link to their official Facebook page, which already has over 18,000 likes. The page features blurbs of updates in both English and Korean on the boys’ recent activities, such as their concerts in South America and fun daily photos.

They wrote, “JYJ is really glad about opening their official facebook page. They want you guys to be happy when you visit this page! 🙂 Sometimes JYJ members mobile pictures will be released. like this one!! I look forward to see you guys here VERY OFTEN!! :).”

In another video update, the boys also announced that they have created a YouTube channel. As expected, their channel will contain BTS videos and concert footage, and will be launched on January 9th.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CJESJYJ
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ

Source: Jaejoong’s Official Twitter ()
Shared: allkpop.com
Re-shared: www.purpleofsona.wordpress.com


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