[News] MBLAQ confirmed for KBS Joy “Hello Baby” Season 5

Image posted by MobyPicture.com

Five-member group MBLAQ has been confirmed as the new members of the Season 5 of ‘ Hello Baby ’ which will be broadcasted at the end of January. ‘Hello Baby’ is a program where idol stars can express their baby raising skills, and with previous casted stars such as SNSD, SHINee, T-ARA , and Sistar, the program has attracted a lot of interest.

A representative from JtuneCamp, MBLAQ’s company, expressed, “All of the MBLAQ members love children, so they decided to take part in this new season.” and “Members Mir and G.O. have previously showed their affection for children by interacting frequently with their nephews.”

They continued on to say, “You can expect to see each member’s special trait through this program.”

‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby ’ will have its first recording this week, and the first episode is scheduled to be broadcasted at the end of January. On a side note, MBLAQ will have their comeback with their 4th mini-album consisting of 5 tracks on January 10th.

Source: Naver
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