(News) Oricon Style – SHINee “The First” Album interview

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Q1 : Your first album “The First” has been released in Japan. What thoughts did you work on this album with?

[Jonghyun] We thought about everyone who is giving us love. We wanted to show that SHINee has taken one more step forward.

[Key] I’m very happy that we could release an album as quickly as this. I realized again that we debuted in Japan with this album.

[Taemin] It has the songs from the tracks we’ve released in Japan so far. I wanted to make a product that compiled our work in the year we debuted.

Q2 : This album has “Better” in which you sing about the feeling of growing up and the R&B original Japanese track “Seesaw” in which you sing coolly about a mature relationship. It also has “Amigo” and “The SHINee World” along with other Japanese versions. Tell us a song that you like/left a deep impression on you!

[Onew] ”The SHINee World” is a track that accurately describes what our music is about. I’ll be very happy if our feelings can be delivered to everyone through this song we remade in Japanese.

[Jonghyun] For me, it’s “Better”. I like the pitiful and intense melody it has.

[Key] ”Seesaw” has a fresh melody that we’ve never sang until now. I had a hard time getting the rhythm down, so it’s memorable.

[Minho] It’s “Amigo” which has a charm that stands out. I like the bright feeling of it and I really enjoy singing it.

[Taemin] Mine is “To Your Heart”. The view of the world in the lyrics is beyond beautiful. We sang it hoping that our feelings would reach our fans.

Q3 : “The First” definitely feels like it’s filled with the present and future of SHINee. What are your thoughts on this completed album?

[Onew] I think that it turned out really well. I hope that a lot of people will listen to it. I’m also extremely excited about what we’ll show everyone in our live performances.

[Key] We created by focusing on all the various parts and details. I’m happy that our various songs can be put as an album to listen to.

[Minho] I’m glad that it came out as a good album. I want us keep showing more diverse sides of ourselves. Please make sure to listen to this album and to continue supporting SHINee.

Q4 : Let’s stop talking about the album now. Tell us what you’ve been into recently!

[Onew] When we went to Spain for a photoshoot, I rode a skateboard and it was really fun.

[Jonghyun] I’m watching a Korean comedy program called “Comedy Big League”. I also like the anime “Evangelion”, but I’m into the movies lately.

[Minho] I’ve been into getting ready for winter fashion. I’ve prepared winter clothes ahead of time. I want to wear them soon.

[Key] Mine is figure collecting. I like Disney characters and animation characters. When we went to New York, I bought a lot for a cheap price (laugh).

[Taemin] The anime Bleach is fun, so I’m watching it. The characters I like are Kuchiki Rukia and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

Source: Oricon Style
J-K Translations: 태민씨 @ Shakizi
K-E Translations: kimchi hana @ shineee.net
via: dkpopnews
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